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Accessing long term and other helping services can be complicated and time-consuming when time is a commodity that is in short supply.  For years, we at The Resource Exchange (TRE) have heard from literally hundreds of families around the Pikes Peak Region … all asking for help.

With the urging of these families, we are proud to offer Community Resource Navigation (CRN), a new service of TRE that can help families navigate the complexities of services available for those with Developmental Disabilities. Based on our nearly 50 years of business and well over 200 years of combined experience in supporting people with a range of abilities and disabilities find customized supports, CRN is a case management service that is designed around a consumer’s / family’s needs and experiences.  We tackle the red tape, while they direct the supports and services they want to access.

Specific CRN services offered can include assistance in completing applications and follow through for financial benefits such as Social Security, Medicaid, and Long Term Care; providing Individualized Education Programs (IEP) support; locating qualified respite providers; referring to agencies that assist with services such as housing, vocational, and personal care services; Representative Payee Services; helping facilitate guardianship; assisting with SSI overpayment notices and SSI annual reports, etc.

CRN services are offered to ANY individual who is at least three years old and who has a cognitive disability. Even those who may not have qualified for TRE services in the past can participate in CRN services.


To learn more about CRN services, please contact us at (719) 785-6428.


Marsha Unruh

Navigation Specialist

The Resource Exchange


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